5 Reasons you should consider learning JavaScript as a student

One of the major reasons for learning JavaScript as a student is that it is the most popular programming language of the world. It is a language that allows a person to build websites that will engage the visitors. Websites created with JavaScript are quite interactive.…

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Single-page websites – are they the best choice?

We have seen the changes in the web design and development trends, and one-page web designs are the future. There are multiple reasons why you should consider a one-page website for your business. If you are providing services, then you don’t need to create multiple pages…

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Students Should Learn MySQL for Use with Websites

Web development is an interesting field. There are plenty of intriguing things to learn, therefore, better career opportunities as well. Like in any other field of study, certain concepts are supporting others. You need to learn one to make use of another. In a similar fashion,…

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Students Should Learn PHP for Web Development

PHP is a popular programming language. Although it is complex in nature, PHP skills are in high demand in the business market. Statistics show that 80% of the top 10 million websites are developed using PHP. It is particularly common in the freelance work industry as…

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