Teachers looking to streamline web design classes, a major area with more jobs than qualified candidates, will take solace in a new platform which brings revolutionary features to educators.

Press Release July 12, 2017 – With around 3.6 billion people using the internet around the world, creating and maintaining websites has become a focus of many companies. Websites are one of the most prolific forms of advertisement as well as recreation, and with the large audience they reach, it is no surprise that the demand for web developers has not only increased in the last few years, but is facing down surreal candidate shortages. Companies need experienced individuals that can create, manage, and maintain robust websites that can perform a variety of tasks for their users. This may seem like a bit of a tall order, after all these companies are looking for individuals who excel in all areas of web design, however with proper training and education anyone can gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become this ideal candidate.

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Thanks in large part to the immense need for proper training, web development classes (both offered by public schools, private schools and companies) have exploded in numbers in recent years. However, along with this increase in the number of development classes, the number of problems inherent within teaching such a technical skill in a traditional manner has also increased. A proper web development class requires students to write code and finish assignments, then turn them in so that the teacher may look at and grade them. In a traditional classroom setting, this requires teachers to either pull files from individual network drives, or download them from emails or online storage solutions. Each of these options are a massive undertaking for the teacher, which slows down the grading process and brings them additional stress. Not to mention, dynamic web pages such as those created with PHP, AJAX or reliant on MySQL, can’t be processed without a web server or database server, respectively. With so many speed bumps, roadblocks and dead ends, it was surprising that no suitable alternative existed for teachers to take advantage of for their classrooms.

Thomas Whitecotton, founder and CEO of VisorCraft, states “The methods and tools teachers are using today, haven’t changed much from a decade ago. Unfortunately, learning how to design webpages using drag-and-drop and static HTML pages is no longer enough. To be competitive today, students need to know the foundation of HTML, but they also need to be fluent in a server-side language such as PHP. The problem is the old methods and tools do not work well when trying to prepare students for the real world, or teach them PHP. That’s why we came up with EduBolt – a new platform which Web Design and Web Development teachers are going to find invaluable.”

EduBolt is a powerhouse, bringing together all of the tools necessary to teach website courses into one place. Whether its HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or simply images, EduBolt will let teachers and their students see their code run on a real web server, without any third-party tools or downloads required. Thanks to its online nature, EduBolt allows both students and teachers to access their online classroom from anywhere as long as they can log in to the EduBolt website.

In terms of curriculum management features, EduBolt helps emulate the classroom setting in a single, digital space. Teachers can create segmented off lessons and assignments in EduBolt by creating units for their class. Students learn by reading through the lessons, and put their knowledge to the test through assignments. Students have a myriad of ways to complete their assignments, ranging from creating the files directly in EduBolt, to dragging and dropping files, to using FTP to upload their files. Rest assured, EduBolt is student data security and FERPA compliant, where individual files can only be accessed by the student that created them and the student’s teacher. Thomas states “EduBolt ties the entire course together, from managing the curriculum to allowing students to complete their assignments, to the review process where teachers can view a file’s source code and run it directly within EduBolt.”

EduBolt aims to change the way web development is taught and reduce stress for all involved parties. The robust website allows for work to be completed wherever students and teachers go, and by hosting everything in one place, time and effort is saved for both students and teachers. Thomas is appreciative of the work teachers do, teaching students skills that can be a viable career, and he invites all teachers to try EduBolt out for 1 month by visiting www.edubolt.com directly.

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