file transfer photoAn FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client is a software developed to support the transfer of files between two computers. It can only be used over the internet. Nowadays, there are plenty of FTP Clients available that can be used by website developers.

Why do website designs and developers use FTP clients?
Anyone who has ever maintained a website or blog knows about FTP Clients. Web developers primarily use FTP Clients because they make file transferring between desktop’s local files and hosting servers quite convenient.

Why teach the use of FTP clients?
When you are teaching web design or web development, there are certain elements not directly related to the development and design but are supporting aspects. FTP Clients are a similar concept. They greatly support web designing skills. FTP Client basically allows developers to upload large files on one computer server. These files can then be downloaded by any other computer on the same network.

Here is why teachers should focus on teaching use of FTP Clients to their students:

  1. Speed
    In the world of maintaining websites, especially those that cater to large customer basis, speed is a commodity. Website owners don’t have the luxury to wait. Therefore, web developers need to transfer large files from one computer to another quickly whenever required. For this purpose, FTP Clients are an effective solution.
  2. Efficiency
    FTP Clients eliminate the need to perform multiple operations to get a single or more files transferred. This greatly helps web developers make their jobs easier and induce more efficiency into what they do for their clients.
  3. Security
    Website files can contain sensitive information that needs to be protected against misuse. For this purpose, the web developer needs a platform where they can use a security protocol. Most FTP Clients feature a username and password technique to access the uploaded files.
  4. Two- way Transfer
    FTP Clients can transfer files both ways. Therefore, if a company owner is responsible for the website, they can not only send information files to the appropriate employees but receive them as well. This is highly convenient when saving time is a necessity.

There are multiple options to choose from when using an FTP Client. Moreover, you can choose different FTP clients to allow compatibility with varying operating systems. For example, FileZilla can be used with more than one operating system while CyberDuck and Fugu can be specifically used with Mac. For web dev teachers, it is a good practice to familiarize the students with a basic FTP client but advance them to more complex programs as well, such as full blown IDEs like Zend Studio and phpStorm.

EduBolt is a great platform for teachers of web development. The website offers an effective set of features that can be used to enhance the classroom learning environment, including the ability for students to use FTP. EduBolt offers compatibility with almost any type of curriculum. It can be used within classrooms without necessarily installing any extra programs on the class computers. It allows teachers to better manage their teaching methods while keeping up with student work easily as well.

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