web development photoPHP is a popular programming language. Although it is complex in nature, PHP skills are in high demand in the business market. Statistics show that 80% of the top 10 million websites are developed using PHP. It is particularly common in the freelance work industry as the number of small businesses using WordPress, Wix, and other content management systems is growing. These businesses are often owned by non-technical people who want to set up their websites or shopping carts. Therefore, learning PHP is a great investment for taking up web development as a career.

Reasons Why PHP is Significant to Learn for Web Development

PHP is an advanced programming language, and while it is slightly tougher to learn compared to basic languages like HTML and CSS, it is not overly difficult. If you have already learned HTML, then you can easily begin on PHP. Here are a few reasons as to why PHP is needed for becoming a web developer:

web development photoEasy to pick up

PHP was actually designed to make web development easier. It simplifies many intricacies of this field. Therefore, if you want to easily develop good websites, PHP is your go-to code. The fact that non-programmers can easily hack into this code without much understanding is a testament to its easy learning. Of course, hacking or copying is not ethical. Moreover, PHP 7, which is the latest version, has removed many errors; making it more feasible for use.

Great features

PHP offers much freedom to web developers. Being dynamic language, it features no hard rules on how to build the features. Using PHP is also friendlier when it comes to dealing with programming errors. The developer will be able to compile and run the program until the error is encountered.

community photoLanguage community

Developers greatly depend on their community. This community is a resource of much knowledge and for solving unique problems. When it comes to PHP, there is a significant community presence. It is the 3rd largest StackOverflow, 5th largest Meetup, and 5th most popular GitHub community.

Career benefits

PHP gives a good number of opportunities when it comes to the web development career. It is quite popular in the freelance industry but there is a significant demand in other sectors as well. Companies like Wikipedia, Facebook, WhatsApp, Buffer, and Tesla are using PHP. Web developers trained in the PHP language have a chance of making between $42K and $134K. The average salary is about $89,440.

Language future

Although the popularity of PHP had fallen due to certain design problems like inconsistency and lack of speed, the newer PHP 7 has removed many of them. Due to Facebook’s investment, PHP is likely to remain relevant in the future. Moreover, Laravel, a PHP framework, has shown a healthy rate of adoption by developers.

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