If you’re like most teachers, you’ve looked into what’s available. You may have found some curriculum online and have given it a try, but couldn’t help but notice the student files are either scattered across student folders on the network drive, or they’re not really creating files at all. Maybe you found a solution for your web design class that looks enticing, but you’re having to pay extra for a domain name, web hosting and are confused about how exactly your students are supposed to all share a hosting account.

You’re not alone – teachers all over the world, not just in the United States, face these very same challenges. That’s why we created EduBolt.

Here’s how EduBolt works:

  1. Create your classes in EduBolt, complete with Units, Lessons and Assignments.
  2. Every student gets their own unique login to access the classes you assign them to.
  3. Students progress through the Lessons, learning as they go. When it’s time to work on Assignments, students can either use the editor built into EduBolt, or they can upload their files using an FTP client. The choice is entirely yours with zero extra cost!
  4. Once students complete and submit their Assignments, you can run their files and view the source code at the same time using our split-screen system. You don’t have to download files, transfer files, search for files – it’s all in EduBolt, always available wherever you are. Grading has never been easier.
  5. Questions? Comments? Use our built-in support system to communicate with us and we promise to respond as quickly as we can.

EduBolt is a unique web design class platform that is always improving. Although we have over a dozen new features on our roadmap already planned out and being worked on, we’re always happy to receive feedback and suggestions.

Feel free to contact us at support@edubolt.com if you want to get in touch.

Thomas Whitecotton
Owner, VisorCraft

Photo by Bohman

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