One of the major reasons for learning JavaScript as a student is that it is the most popular programming language of the world. It is a language that allows a person to build websites that will engage the visitors. Websites created with JavaScript are quite interactive. Along with CSS and HTML, JavaScript has become an essential web language. So if you are one of those who loves to get into the field of web development, it will be great for you to learn JavaScript. Here are some reasons due to which students should get involved in learning JavaScript:




  1. It is included in the browser:
    JavaScript is a language that is de facto for the web. This means that your browser has this language already. It is a great relief when you don’t have to create a suitable environment and coding for a specified language to run on your computer. Having it in the browser means you can get involved into the stuff you want to without putting in much effort.
  2. A popular programming language:
    Another reason for learning JavaScript is that it is the most popular web development language of the internet. It is one of those that are widely used around the globe. This is the main reason due to which it has become a preference of several programmers.
  3. Ease of learning:
    JavaScript is the language that can be learned with quite ease. There is no harm in learning a web language that is quite easy. Apart from that, applying it for your benefit will never be a problem. When compared to all other programming languages, learning JavaScript is easy. All you need to do is to go through the curriculum. It is also believed that while learning JavaScript, the programmers do not have to learn all the basics.
  4. Career opportunities:
    People who have learned JavaScript found several jobs. The world is of technology right now and it needs people who are trained in the web development languages. People who are expert in this field tend to find a lot of job opening. If you plan to go into the field of web designing, it is best to learn JavaScript.
  5. Designing visual effects:
    JavaScript allows students to learn several visual effects. In this way, you will be able to learn animations of different things and can create an interesting and eye catching website. Apart from that, learning JavaScript allows a person to develop interactive skills that will build interesting user interaction experiences.

There are countless reasons due to which every student should get involved in learning JavaScript. The interesting processes keep the programmer engaged in the process. Also, you will be able to dive deep into the programming and features of the language. In short, learning JavaScript will bring several advantages with it.

Photo by Dmitry Baranovskiy

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